“Is Eric Worre Nothing But A Fast Talker”?


Is “Eric Worre” Nothing But A Fast Talker”? My answer to that is NO!, Absolutely not. I came across his marketing videos and stumbled across a comment that inspired me to write this.

In this specific comment it goes on to say that Eric pretty much pats himself on the back and rubs in his travels around the world in everyone’s faces.

Okay well, in my opinion considering where Eric started from and to where he is now says a whole lot to me and, that he has all the right in the world to brag. I say he earned his “Bragging Rights“.

I also believe most whom are unsuccessful in marketing will continue to bash “Network Marketing” and also the successful people who make it to the top. There will always be haters and naysayers out there in this field. Heck they are everywhere.

The key is, is that you keep on moving forward in anything you choose to do, weather it be Network Marketing or anything else for that matter.


All I have to say is stay clear of those so called “Dream Drainers
The only way they survive in this
world is by sucking the energy out of successful people or people that are going after their dreams.

Yes, Eric travels the globe and enjoys telling everyone about it, Not because he likes to” Brag” about it, it is because he is one of the few that can actually show you that you can have, be and achieve anything while “Network Marketing“.

You can have your Freedom and enjoy every second of it to!

“Live the SoZo Life

“Todd Falcone Review” (“Little Black Book Of Scripts”)


Since I just did a review on “Eric Worre” on his book “Go Pro” which was very inspiring and helpful I might ad. So, I decided on doing one for “Little Black Book Of Scripts” by Network Marketer “Todd Falcone” and if you don’t know who he is I will take it that you have not been in this profession for long.

I will tell you I have done my due diligence on many professionals in The Network Marketing field but really only found a few leaders to write home about. Todd has been in this field for a very, very, long time and he is very good at what he does, may it be speaking, Marketing and etc.

If you had to pick a specific leader to follow then I would recommend Todd Falcone. He has a whole lot of information out there.

I am a owner of “Little Black Book Of Scripts” and let me tell ya it has been a blessing. I really cannot say much because it will give it all away and I do not wish to do that.

I do advise you that if you are a Networker that is stuck or freeze up when doing “Cold Calls” or speaking in general then he is the go to guy for such.

I wish you the best of luck in your Network Marketing Journey and, may you make a lot of trusting friendships along the way.

To find out about what I do click the link below.

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“Eric Worre Book Review” (“Go Pro”)


I usually don’t do reviews on people or books but, this book by
Eric Worre” was a very easy and fast read. The title is “Go Pro 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional.


This book is 148 pages long filled with a lot of “need to know” information on how to become a Network Marketing Pro. I have read many books on this topic and followed many leaders but the ones that stuck are “Randy Gage“, “Mark Yarnell,” Todd Falcone, and as we all know “Eric Worre“.

Let me touch just a little on Eric worres background. Eric has been a leader in the Marketing profession for 25 years, He built sales organizations totaling over 500,000 distributors in over 60 countries, Eric also worked as the president of a 200 million direct-selling company.

Eric shared the stage with some other fantastic Network Marketing Professionals such as, Anthony Robbins, the late Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, the late Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, Les Brown, David Bach, Robert Kiyosaki, Harvey Mackay, Art Williams, Jack Canfield, Tom Hopkins and that’s just to name a few.

In “Eric Worres” book “Go Pro7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional” he touches on many topics such as presenting, finding prospects, sharing your products, and so much more.

Eric also touches on how to approach, invite, and follow up. He also warns and teaches on everyday Distractions and how to avoid them.

There is so much more I can say but. I do not want to spoil the chance for you to learn more on how to become a Network Marketing Professional. So see you on the otherside.

Start your Network Marketing Journey Now.


“Who Is Network Marketing For”?

Obviously, Network Marketing is not for everyone. Well, some say it is for everyone but, that is not true at all.

Most can not grasp or handle the whole idea of running their own show (business) or working for themselves programmed to make someone else rich.

So most go to school to learn how to be employed, Spend their days looking for a company to employ them and then finally work until they retire. If you ask me I will clearly tell you that there is something definitely wrong with that picture.

The worst part is after all those years when it’s finally time to retire you realize you can’t retire comfortably so you keep working.


In Eric Worre’s book “Go Pro” “7 Steps To Being A Network Marketing Professional” He hit on quite a few things that made perfect sense. Such as jobs only paying on Performance like some already do now. Eric then explains on the topic in detail such as Blockbuster for example, We used to go into our local Blockbuster and rent movies where several were employed but not anymore because, now we can watch movies right on our Handheld devices with just one push of a button.

We would call a customer service help line and speak to a regular everyday person, Well now service has been taken over by a machine. Do you now know what I am saying? Eventually more and more jobs will be like this, or you will just be paid on the performance level of what you accomplished in such a time period.

Most think “Network Marketing” is crazy now but wait until some more companies start joining the trend of Networking because, it will be a less expensive way to get their products out on the Market with thousands of distributors around the world benefiting from this as well. You see, they will be able to cut costs in many ways like paying on performance, less company advertising and more to pay their active distributors that are now working from the comfort of their own homes.

Eric Worre than goes on to say ” You must accept temporary loss of social esteem from ignorant people” What does he mean by that you ask”? This is what he is saying and it holds true to all of us Network Marketers out there.

This means you need to embrace the temporary loss of social esteem of ignorant people, means “YOU” are seeing the future before it shows itself to everybody else. “YOU” are taking action to live a better life. Which then means “YOU” are the smart one.

The people who think less of you are the ones that are stuck in their old ways and hold the belief of their way is the only way, Unless they decide to change that belief and get educated on “Network Marketing” and observe the ones who dare to do things differently and succeed. If not, they will always be stuck in that side of fear and only see life as it is.

I also recommend reading Eric Worres book. “Go Pro” you will be glad you did.

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“Why Only The Holiday Season”?


Yes, I ask why only the “Holiday Season”? What I mean by this is, Why do most bring out the Love and Compassion meter out only this time of year?

All year it is tucked away without no thought about what is happening around the world only what is happening with ourselves, such as waiting in traffic, wants, needs, what we can purchase to make us feel better and so forth.

Most do not know what is going on until it hits us right in the face from a disaster that has happened. For example we have the recent storm in the Philippine’s and so on.

Now, put yourself in their shoes right now and then think about something to complain about. How are their Holidays going to be? Then think about” You” is it as bad as you thought?

Some of our daily aggravations are just simply petty, they really are. How about the wants? Look around you and think. Is there anything around you that you could not survive without?

Right now this very second there are children starving, drinking water that will eventually kill them but yet we throw away bottles of water, dump them down the drains. Most consume way more then they should. This really saddens me.


Here we have a “OBESE” issue while others are starving to death. Most do not even think about that while they are consuming more than they should. I am not saying starve yourself nor cut yourself short, just take a moment to think while doing, while consuming.

The changes in this world must and have to start right here, with us, one person at a time.


-Water For Life Foundation-




“Never To Late To Move Your Ass”


There are just a few more month’s left until we say Good-Bye to 2013 and begin 2014. Will it be a new start for you or are we going to sit around and drag ass like we have been in 2013?

We always have some kind of robotic routine every year, It goes a little like this. The ball goes up everybody gathers around, most start making resolutions such as weight loss, being more positive, volunteer and so on. I LAUGH at this because it is the same thing EVERY YEAR! Am I correct?

Well, no matter what day, what year, what time or moment it is just never to late to make that move. Do not just sit and wait for a new year to begin whatever it is that you want or may want to do.

The year’s go by so fast and finally by the time we crawl out of our turtle shells and release the fear that has been holding us back in the first place we then already have one DAMN foot in the grave.

Do not be that I “Should Of, Could Of Person” Take this moment and really think about it.

Most people are stuck in their dead end jobs, making somebody else rich. You are in a Hamster Wheel spinning in circles but, that wheel will keep spinning if you do not STOP it. “YOU” have to decide what it is that you want to be doing.

When you are ready to “Grab Life By The Balls” and eventually take control of your time I will be here.

Stop the routine, enough of playing “Robot”crawl out of your shell and take control. If you are jumpy and ready to start right away just visit the link below to learn more as well as join.

Then if you are 100% ready you can call or text me at the number on the website.

Yes, I am ready to move my Ass.

“Pure Bliss” (SozoLife-Growing Demand)

“A Sozo Life is a Happy Life”


Growing Demand

Currently, soft drink sales are declining, and the demand for nutritional beverages (drinks that offer a health benefit) is Increasing Rapidly.

So clearly this is one reason why you should look into this beverage. Not just for the health reasons but, also for the fantastic opportunity we have here at Coffee Berry.

If you are a “Coffee Lover, Energy Drinker, Health Conscious, or maybe just one for business, then you are at the right place and at the right time.

The point is, We are more than just Coffee.. Come on and see for yourself. Click me… or watch the 12 minute Presentation.


“Stop Being So Negative”


Being positive is looked upon somewhat negatively these days. People who are too positive seem strange to the average person who rides the roller coaster of feelings. However, it is my belief that if we are to live both abundant and fulfilling lives, we must learn how to stop being negative. It seems everything turns into a negative situation.

Although if we did not know Negative we would not know what positive was, and if we didn’t have sadness we would never have happiness, so therefore we need perfect balance.


Sure not everyone is going to walk around with a huge smile on their face and skip down the road, that would mean the end of the world was coming, or a really freaky horror movie so it would seem.

So, statistics show that optimistic people are the most successful and this is probably because they are more likely to take risks and go for their dreams. To stop being negative, we need to start by gaining control of our mind our everyday thoughts. Start writing down what you love about yourself and others.

Smile upon waking, listen to a song that will start your day off beautiful, Don’t already plan the next day by saying “oh tomorrow is going to totally suck, or uhhhhg I have to go here tomorrow. You have to do whatever it is that you need to do anyway right?


Why not do it with a smile on your face and just be happy you can do it, because there are people that cannot. Always remember there is someone in a worse off spot than you are.





You should create a business plan, just like you would with any business. Determine things like how you will market your business and what your goals are. Utilize proven marketing strategies such as social media and online marketing, cold calling and business networking.

The Next thing that is extremely important is to BE A LEADER!

The people who are the most successful at network marketing like working with people and helping them. Many people have a misconception that the focus is on selling products. Although it is a key component, the real money is made by recruiting people, or building a downline.

The better your downline does, the more money you make. As you create a downline, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything possible to assist and develop your team, setting them up for success.

 Know Your Products!

You should be an expert on your products, always working to expand your knowledge. Read all current educational materials on your products and stay on top of all new educational materials put out by your company.

Last but not least is know your why!!

-Join Tammy-