Tammy-“Usui Reiki Master”


The Usui System of Reiki Healing is first a healing practice focusing on self-treatment. Daily practice is ideal. The practice balances and strengthens the functions and health of the physical body, enhances relaxation and self-awareness, and quiets and nourishes the spirit. Out of the practice of self-treatment, it becomes natural to treat family and friends with the same benefits.

Applying Reiki is practical and useful. It accelerates and strengthens any healing process from bruising to chronic illness to mental/emotional imbalance. Reiki can be used at any time and in any situation when we can lay our hands on ourselves or another.


It is western medical science that has made Healing be thought of as the removal of symptoms.

As a Reiki Healer myself I understand and believe that the body can heal itself, but sometimes the body needs that extra energy to break up blockages.

In Reiki we use the power of intentions. Reiki is is experienced during a hands on treatment while an individual relaxes fully clothed. A Reiki therapist softly places their hands on (or over) the client in a series of standard positions developed to address the whole body. The infusion of Reiki energy facilitates and accelerates the body’s natural healing abilities.

Although one must be careful during a healing session, they must be grounded, because the healer can collect the negative energies from the client. So this is very important.

Reiki is used with different symbols and they are focused and drawn upon the client. I find this to be the most amazing healing technique all from the power of the mind and body. It is very key to take care of the body inside and out. Start taking care of “YOU”



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