“Who Is Network Marketing For”?

Obviously, Network Marketing is not for everyone. Well, some say it is for everyone but, that is not true at all.

Most can not grasp or handle the whole idea of running their own show (business) or working for themselves programmed to make someone else rich.

So most go to school to learn how to be employed, Spend their days looking for a company to employ them and then finally work until they retire. If you ask me I will clearly tell you that there is something definitely wrong with that picture.

The worst part is after all those years when it’s finally time to retire you realize you can’t retire comfortably so you keep working.


In Eric Worre’s book “Go Pro” “7 Steps To Being A Network Marketing Professional” He hit on quite a few things that made perfect sense. Such as jobs only paying on Performance like some already do now. Eric then explains on the topic in detail such as Blockbuster for example, We used to go into our local Blockbuster and rent movies where several were employed but not anymore because, now we can watch movies right on our Handheld devices with just one push of a button.

We would call a customer service help line and speak to a regular everyday person, Well now service has been taken over by a machine. Do you now know what I am saying? Eventually more and more jobs will be like this, or you will just be paid on the performance level of what you accomplished in such a time period.

Most think “Network Marketing” is crazy now but wait until some more companies start joining the trend of Networking because, it will be a less expensive way to get their products out on the Market with thousands of distributors around the world benefiting from this as well. You see, they will be able to cut costs in many ways like paying on performance, less company advertising and more to pay their active distributors that are now working from the comfort of their own homes.

Eric Worre than goes on to say ” You must accept temporary loss of social esteem from ignorant people” What does he mean by that you ask”? This is what he is saying and it holds true to all of us Network Marketers out there.

This means you need to embrace the temporary loss of social esteem of ignorant people, means “YOU” are seeing the future before it shows itself to everybody else. “YOU” are taking action to live a better life. Which then means “YOU” are the smart one.

The people who think less of you are the ones that are stuck in their old ways and hold the belief of their way is the only way, Unless they decide to change that belief and get educated on “Network Marketing” and observe the ones who dare to do things differently and succeed. If not, they will always be stuck in that side of fear and only see life as it is.

I also recommend reading Eric Worres book. “Go Pro” you will be glad you did.

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